Obamacare Insurance Myths

fact or fiction

Obamacare Myth - "Obamacare is a federal takeover of health insurance."
False: Obamacare will require individuals to have health insurance. In a sense, Obamacare is sending customers to the private health insurance companies. Health insurance companies on the exchanges will be required to have certain plans available and will not be allowed to use preexisting conditions to deny coverage. They can use characteristics of how a person lives such as smoking, weight and such to determine pricing.
Obamacare Myth - "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan"
False: Contrary to what President Obama promised voters, insurance companies have sent out cancellation letters to millions or insurers that do not meet the 2010 Affordable Care Act standard. For some of those insured folks, their plans premiums will go down, while others will go up.
Obamacare Myth - "Private health insurance today is fine."
False: Try comparing health insurance plans today between different health insurance companies. It is almost impossible to compare apples to apples. Each insurance company have plans that vary a great deal between one another. Comparing insurance coverages takes a great deal of work today. Obamacare will require companies to have designated plans that meet certain criteria on the health insurance exchanges.
Obamacare Myth - "Obamacare is increasing the price of my insurance."
False: This myth may actually be true for certain people depending on income level. Specific details are not available yet but there have been reports that people in the lower income bracket will receive tax breaks and credits for purchasing health insurance. As a result, health insurance companies may see this as a way to increase prices of health plans because the government is subsidizing insurance for those who qualify.


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